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David M Donovan

Entrepreneur / Developer / Photographer
I want to help you become a successful Real Estate Photographer as quickly and inexpensively as possible.
David M Donovan

Years of hard work, learning, and acquiring experience are devoted to shutterBUMP, my photography business. It began in 2009 with a $170 DLSR camera and a desire to justify my purchase with a way to make money with it so it would pay for itself, and that is all! I started doing Real Estate photography, and about six years in, I got laid off from my regular job, and it blew up from there. I've done over 13,000 successful photo shoots and am launching this blog to help people make money with their photography ambitions.

My mission is to help aspiring photographers succeed in real estate photography while keeping the costs as low as possible. Starting a business can be daunting, and I aim to provide affordable resources and guidance to help others succeed.

I aim to empower photographers with the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to capture stunning photos of properties that can help their clients sell or rent them quickly. We believe that high-quality real estate photography is crucial to the success of any property listing, and I am committed to sharing our expertise to help others achieve their goals.

Overall, I am passionate about helping others succeed in real estate photography. I am committed to providing affordable and accessible resources to help aspiring photographers thrive in this exciting field.

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